Stable growth of a business structure requires a lot of dedication and investment.

Timing, items, investment, and customer expansion are essential for each element that forms the inflection point of growth, and insight to capture the trend of the times is also required.

Although it starts as a startup, its main goal is to structurally pursue governance and settle down as a decentralized organization, DAO (Decentralized Autounomous Organization) in which protocol economy operates in the future.

  • 2022. 4Q

Stabilization of App, more than 2000 active users, launch of 1 - 2 DeFi products, operation of governance operating system.

  • 2023. 1 - 2Q

Diversification of M2E model, grafting of P2E - L2E model, more than 10,000 active users, more than 3 DeFi products, listing on general exchange, real economy Platformization of landing page (advertising, partnership, distribution model), new digital product (NFT) development and launch.

  • 2023. 3 - 4Q

Settlement of X2E model and stabilization of operation, 30,000 - 50,000 active users, activation of 3 or more DeFi products, expansion of exchange, activation of global support, strengthening of digital product (NFT) distribution structure, partnership with health and pet industries.

  • 2024. 1 - 2Q

Maximization and duration of X2E model, 100,000 active users, activation of DeFi and NFT, expansion of global user ecosystem, operation of integrated planning for main-net design, connection with carbon reduction industry.

  • 2024. 3 - 4Q

Formation of an active global user group, evolution and level of X2E model, advancement of DeFi and NFT, test-net operation and dApp development and partnership, partnership with various health industries and investment partnership in new industries for a low-carbon society.

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