The purpose of a compensation plan is to create healthy habits while being rewarded for doing so. Hello Puppy is a tool and a profit model to improve healthy habits with little risk. The compensation plan may change according to market and operational conditions.

  • If you purchase and activate NFTs of a certain amount, you can receive M2E compensation for your activities.

  • If introduced through online/offline and activated, you can receive referral income.

  • Each time the person you introduce exercises, you can share a certain percentage of the profits. This creates a stable additional income.

  • As the governance token, BOB, expands its membership, its use rate rises and it’s market value improves, so investment income is also possible due to long-term value increase. However, it may also have downside risks in the opposite direction.

  • When a certain level of membership is formed, it is possible to combine the real economy using various expertise and information of users, various purchasing and selling activities, and receive commissions for this.

  • When a larger user group is formed, it can build a mainnet for its own ecosystem and participate in the blockchain ecosystem.

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