I. Hello Puppy starts with the M2E model, develops into a sustainable X2E with combining P2E and L2E.

II. We aim for a business structure that minimizes management risk, which is a disadvantage of similar business models.

III. The top priority is the sustainability of business and users’ profit rate is operated flexibly based on market and operational conditions.

IV. Users can increase their profits through introducing the business to others with doing personal M2E-X2E activities at the same time.

V. For a sustainable eco-system, a stable structure of three-axis cycle(membership, finance, and the real economy) is essential to be established and settled.

VI. 1.2 billion stocks of BOB shall be issued which is based on BSC and shall be utilized at as service commences without pre-marketing.

VII. DDY, a compensation token, is $0.01, governance token BOB is listed on the DEX (Pancake Swap) at $0.01 and others to be listed sequentially on the general stock exchange in the future.

VIII. Tokens shall be distributed

  • community (60%)

  • marketing (15%)

  • operation support (5%)

  • development team (5%)

  • operation team (15%)

IX. The burning of tokens is determined based on discussion within governance, judging the necessity for volume of circulation and situation.

X. The business shall be evolved into a Metaverse system and develops its own Main-net through objective evaluation on global members and conditions of countries that HP has expanded to.

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