While the existing M2E model is a model that purchases NFT shoes, exercises, and receives rewards, Hello Puppy starts with the concept of taking a walk with a dog(loving family and friends).

The model, Move-to-Earn, of making profits by exercising is similar, but it will create a story with users and evolve into an irreplaceable NFT that can have various dogs and other pet images. In addition, various pet images will be made into NFTs and cooperation with the pet market will be promoted.

Walking, an activity familiar to everyone, is also linked to activities for a low-carbon society. For this reason, public interest activities for low-carbon activities are also being considered.

Above all, in terms of healthy life, in addition to walking, Hello Puppy would like to contribute to improving the quality of life by certifying the combination with exercise equipment used at home, verified diet programs, and good lifestyle which is essential for our health.

Business model from the user's point of view After purchasing NFT at a fixed price, DDY (a stable token) is provided as compensation based on the amount of activity. Part of the compensation received is used as dog food with BOB, the governance token. Referrals (recommending and introducing commissions) income can also be added by introducing individual activities and profit experiences to acquaintances. Additional NFT products can be added as new profit models. As the number of BOB users expands, the following increased market value may be taken advantage of by the users.

A landing page to combine the services with the real economy may be utilized for the users to directly participate to create additional business models with new products, advertisements and services.

Governance’s Sustainable Business Growth Direction Sustainability is empowered, operations and compensation are executed through the operating income of the investment.

Through the increased value of BOB (a governance token) and the inflow of investment due to listing, the operating organization is to be strengthened and used as an investment resource for better services.

By combining advertisement, distribution, and affiliating services, a virtuous cycle of resources is established to create a stable profit model. To complete the token economy, build a mainnet and node, and evolve into a metaverse when practical dApp development is activated.

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